Boutique Style Retirement 

We are now offering two (small) group retirement options at Journey's End Farm. Beautiful, grassy fields with post and rail (safe) fencing with a strand of electric on top. 
(2) 36' by 24' run-in barns equipped with industrial fans, automatic water, and will house hay in the winter months.

Group A: will total 3 horses max
Group B: will total 5 horses max

We are now accepting reservations (2 spaces still available) for Group A: which will consist of three retirees or any horse needing pasture board (no use of riding facility accoutrements). 

• 4.7 acres fenced with post and rail (excellent condition - safe) with a strand of electric on top. The grass in this field is gorgeous and so are the views. 
• A 36' by 24' Run-in barn with industrial fans, automatic water (in addition to field water), that will house hay during the less grassy months. 
• Morning feeding of McCauley's Brothers Ration Balancer and/or McCauley's Brothers Senior (an Alltech Company milled in Lancaster County. This is top quality feed) 
• Organic Feed Through Fly Repellent
• Quality Timothy/Orchard hay in the less grassy months
• Journey's End Farm Established in 1985
• Vaccinations scheduled by Journey's End Farm
• Horses will be wormed on a consistent schedule

We worked with multiple veterinarians and blacksmiths as the competition stable permits clients to use their preferred vendors. Our first retiree to join our herd is owned by a veterinarian who also boards on the property and trains with 5* Eventer, Hayley Frielick. 

We have an outstanding group of staff members and grooms who will look in on the horses every morning and evening. The retiree field is also viewed regularly by riders out hacking after working in the arena. 
$500. per month